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Assessment solutions for the 21st century finance

We provide assessment solutions on a wide range of finance and economics topics for recruitment, certifications and many other use cases, backed by in-depth analytics at individual, group and organizational levels.


Select the appropriate assessment solution

Finominal Assessment solutions comprise formal tests, gamification and digital tools and apps, depending on the client and use case.  Each assessment method is expertly designed with a modular approach to cover relevant competencies where results, depending on your preference, maybe benchmarked against relevant absolute and relative criteria.







Hire, build & grow fantastic teams with practical use cases

Recruitment (1).png

Recruitment Tests

Checklists V1 (Orange).png

Exam Preparations


Staff Promotions


Learning Needs Assessments

Internal Certification.png

Internal Certifications

Product Knowledge Checks.png

Product Knowledge Checks

Cross-Functional Assessments.png

Cross-Functional Assessments

Market Knowledge Assessments.png

Market Knowledge Checks

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Get insightful analytics at all levels of your organization

In a highly competitive knowledge based world, you gain deep insights into your organizational competencies, objectively find strong and weak areas against your own or market based benchmarks, evaluate trends and set future course of actions.  

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Remain on top of 21st century finance
with our Knowledge Library

Blockchain Finance


Startup Finance

Regulatory Compliance

Ethical Finance

Financial Literacy

International Trade

Conventional Finance

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