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Finominal Assessments solutions come in many forms and can be held at individual, group and organizational levels.



Finominal Tests, ideal for recruitment and internal certifications, contain MCQs, T/F, Scenarios and Short Questions on many topics.  Interviews are included in the same category.  Secured tests can be conducted online remotely, or at your or an approved 3rd party premises.  Our tests yield detailed competency assessments at individual, group or organizational levels.



You can learn a lot about your people, and your organization, by making assessments fun through Gamification.  How much do your people know about, for instance, International Trade or Cryptocurrencies?  Why not find out by participating in a game with different levels and see who is leading.  The insights that we will provide you in the form of Analytics will be invaluable.



Our Web Applications - mostly containing ratings, checklists, calculators, templates and simulations - assess quality and productivity of your teams in focus areas such as trade finance.  The resultant analytics help you determine any underlying issues and often guide your decision making towards training, automation and better solutions. 

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