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We are a bunch of normal people who have studied (and taught too) a lot of finance and gained degrees and professional qualifications like MBA, MSc, CFA and CPA; worked in global financial institutions, corporates and startups in different continents; attended plenty of training courses in our professional lives; witnessed multiple global financial crises and corporate scandals; observed the rise and fall of businesses and economies due to their financial decisions; seen the ascent of technology in our professional and personal lives; and experienced our own financial situations. 

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The 21st century finance is very different from the past

The world of finance is very different in the 21st century.   Startups are challenging the established global business order; new technologies e.g. Blockchain are giving rise to new fields such as Decentralized Finance and instruments like cryptocurrencies; businesses are under overwhelming pressure to be more purposeful and responsible which is propelling growth in ESG and Impact Investing; and the Generation Z – with a powerful voice and deep and growing pockets – is living, spending and investing in a way that greatly conflicts with the old financial wisdom.   Criminals are taking advantage while governments and regulators are struggling. How do we learn finance in such an environment?

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Assessments hold the key to learning finance

We don’t make any claim to be experts in finance (especially considering that it’s mostly the experts who have been behind the biggest of financial disasters) but we have learnt a few lessons:


Finance is vast i.e. too many subjects and variables


Finance is complex i.e. too many relationships between these subjects and variable


Finance is dynamic i.e. it’s all ever changing

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It’s no wonder that traditional finance education, training and learning methods – largely outdated and lacking context (one-size fits all) - don’t work in the 21st century.  Assessments hold the key to learning and practicing finance and that’s why we established Finominal Finance.

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