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Blockchain Finance

The Blockchain technology is fast transforming the global financial sector.  With its promise of decentralization and security, Blockchain is behind Web 3.0, Cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and other innovations which have the potential to significantly change the financial landscape in the next decade.  Blockchain is a core focus area of Finominal Finance, covering full range of topics. 



Decentralized Finance.png

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Global Capital Markets.png

Web 3.0

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).png

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Risk Management.png

Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance.png

Regulatory Compliance


Many of today’s FinTechs are bigger than several powerhouse banks and the pace is only expected to accelerate.  FinTechs are not just aiming to provide cheaper and faster substitutes of conventional financial services, they are driving innovations with new products and empowering consumers.  The pace of innovations is so fast, diverse and often complex (some say simple) that most clients – consumers and businesses – are not even aware that they can benefit from FinTechs.  Finominal Finance’s FinTech suite covers FinTechs from all possible angles.

Sector Landscape.png

Sector Landscape








Regulatory Issues

Startup Finance

Startups have completely transformed the global economic landscape in the 21st century and their role will only grow.  However, most startups need funding and Startup Finance is still a nascent area where rules are still being written.  And who is writing these rules?  The traditional financial sector – lenders, investors, regulators – seem to be lost.  Finominal Finance helps you understand the startup finance world, covering it from all angles with a forward looking approach.

Venture Capitals.png

Venture Capitals

Angel Investors.png

Angel Investors

Startup Debt Finance.png

Startup Debt Finance

Legal Issues.png

Legal Issues

Startup Valuation.png

Startup Valuation

Startup Risks

Risk Management.png

Regulatory Compliance

With increasing globalization and rise of technology led new players and products, challenges for regulators have never been higher who need to balance public interest and the extent and pace of innovation.  Then there are issues of local vs international regulations, and sophisticated nature of scams and frauds that regulators must deal with.  Finominal Finance covers the complex world of regulations with its broad range of topics. 

role of central banks

Role of Central Banks

Role of SEC AML and KYC (1).png

Role of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

Interest Rates.png


Global Regulatory Regime (1).png

Global Regulatory Regime

Encourage self-learning.png


Ethical Finance

Today’s consumers and investors, largely driven by the Generation Z, care about purpose, ethics and responsibility – forces which are reshaping business models and the 21st  century finance and propelling growth in areas such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Impact Investing, Climate Finance and Islamic Finance.  This is leading to new business models, financial and investment instruments, and governance and regulatory frameworks, which are all covered by Finominal Finance.



Impact Investing.png

Impact Investing

Green Finance.png

Green Finance

Climate Finance.png

Climate Finance

Islamic Finance V1 (White).png

Islamic Finance

_Islamic Economy.png

Halal Economy

Financial Literacy

Even in good old days of traditional finance and banking, financial literacy (or lack of it) was a major issue even in the developed world.  In today’s world of globalization and increasing role of technology in finance, even the so-called experts lack financial knowledge in so many areas.   Finominal Finance’s Financial Literacy suite addresses needs of personal finance, business finance, finance for non-finance managers and professionals, in both public and private sectors.

Capital Markets.png

Capital Markets

Commodity Markets.png

Commodity Markets

Foreign Exchange.png

Foreign Exchange

Interest Rates.png

Interest Rates

Money & Banking.png

Money & Banking

Trade Regulations

International Trade

All business is essentially some form of trade, isn’t it - trade of goods, services and now even intangibles?  Even diplomacy and international relations are largely dictated by international trade.  In an increasingly connected, 24/7 active world there the barriers to trade are disappearing fast while new opportunities are emerging.  Everyone needs to understand trade but do we?  Finominal Finance’s suite of International Trade cover full range of trade related topics.

Trade and Economics.png

Trade and Economics

Trade Finance.png

Trade Finance

Global Market.png

Global Trade Markets



Competency Based Analysis.png
Fraud and Scam.png

Frauds and Scams

Conventional Finance

The conventional finance, financial institutions and financial markets are still very much there.   Finominal Finance’s suite of conventional finance & economics covers the full range of topics such as money & banking, interest rates, foreign exchange and financial instruments as applicable to financial institutions, capital markets, commodity markets and real estate.


Capital Markets

Finance and Technology_Decentralized Finance.png

Commodity Markets

Global Capital Markets.png

Foreign Exchange

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).png

Interest Rates

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Money & Banking

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