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Finominal Tests

Finominal Tests, ideal for recruitment and internal certifications, contain MCQs, T/F, Scenarios and Short Questions on many topics.  Interviews are included in the same category.  Secured tests can be conducted online remotely, or at your or an approved 3rd party premises.

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Get insightful analytics

at all levels of your organization



Finominal tests are expertly designed to assess multiple competencies, which allow us to provide you with detailed competency profiles of each individual with well identified strengths and weaknesses, benchmarked against pre-determined criteria and against the test takers pool.  Over a period, you can also observe progress and trends.



Depending on your use case, we will provide you amazing insights at appropriate group level – team, department, division, location – with assessed competencies benchmarked against absolute and relative criteria, comparisons of various groups, trends and other metrics.



Does your organization have the right knowledge and skills to compete in today’s knowledge based world?  At Finominal Finance, we provide our clients relevant and up-to-date insights into competence level at organizational level.

How Does It Work?




Define Your Use Case

Do you wish to hire new people, or objectively assess your staff’s learning needs, or test your sales team’s knowledge in relevant subject areas?  Click here for more Use Cases.

Identify Your Test Takers

Who do you want to take your test(s) Is it a specific role or more, in one department or many, across multiple locations or just one?  This will help us provide you meaningful insights at all levels.

Select Your Subject

Whether you wish to test for a specialized topic such as Cryptocurrencies or for a broader subject e.g. Regulatory Compliance we have you covered.  Click here for details on our ever expanding Knowledge Library.


Share or Upload User


You can share user data with us to upload on our portal or, if you prefer, you can do it on your own.  Similarly, invitations can go from your side or from ours.  You decide what is convenient for you.


Identify Test Location

and Date

While all our tests are online, you may wish to conduct them in-house or at third party premises for monitoring, or at test takers’ (remote) location.  Your choice will determine appropriate security protocols.


Select Competency and Analytics Levels

Our tests are based on relevant competencies, defined at multiple levels i.e. from beginner to advance level.  We will discuss our methodology to help you select appropriate competency levels. 


We Conduct Tests and

Share Analytics with You

We will conduct the test and share detailed analytics with you. 

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